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Falco’s Story

We are so glad you are here to visit Falco’s Friends. We’d like to share a bit about Falco and how he started a movement in our lives and our community.

At Falco’s Friends we believe in rescue, saving lives, helping others, and supporting those who have no voice. Working along side rescue and shelter volunteers, we hope to develop new and innovative approaches as a community. We also hope to help tackle some of the larger scale challenges like access to spay neuter services, income limitations that impede successful adoptions, and finally promote awareness to our community related to the rescue and survival of homeless animals.

One creative solution is to work with specific populations of fosters and adopters that might also equally benefit from sharing their experience with a companion animal. Emotional support animals have provided love and support to survivors of trauma, PTSD, anxiety, depression and more. By connecting animals that have been selected and trained to respond to emotional distress, everyone benefits.

As the assisted foster and assisted adoption programs grow, goals will include assisting in education and programs to support reducing overpopulation of animals, educating people and communities about stereotypes or stigma surrounding mental health and rescue animals.

For today, we hope to connect rescue animals with people needing support, one person, and one animal at a time. Falco would want it that way!

More on Falco’s story, including happy memories to share -Soon! If you would like to contribute to support education, rescue, and community you can donate here. All donations are tax deductible.

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