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Fantastic Rescue Friends and Family

Friends and family known for days, weeks, years or lifetimes all contribute to the community spirit of love and compassion that is the heart and soul of the Falco’s Friends mission and programs.

Our small staff and volunteer network has been working overtime to establish a presence and begin connecting with various people programs and agencies that promote healthy communities and compassionate care for all.

The community interest, response, and support has been overwhelming. Falco’s Friends staff have unanimously agreed we. Re So fortunate to be involved with such an engaged and compassionate community.

As a special thank you to each and every donor, contributed, sponsor, volunteer, and organizer, we plan to dedicate space weekly to those in our community who make an impact.

Every story will be unique . Falco’s Friends has been so blown away by the people here in our community- we feel called to share the stories here with all of you.

You do Not have to live in this community to be a part of Falco’s Community. We are online and we are also connecting with similar networks throughout the US.

So stay tuned, get to know one another, share your message of compassion and hope, and consider sharing your story in the weeks ahead.

Coming soon, stories from Scotty- Camp Scotty in Pelham. I’ve seen staff go above and beyond every single day for the love of the dogs the puppies and the people!

Please comment or message us with your making a difference story- and thank you for being a part of the Falco’s Friends Family.