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Through the eyes of a dog

Emily Tucker

January 2019

Have you ever wondered what the world looks like through the eyes of a dog?

At Falco’s Friends, we find this question fascinating. What are they thinking and feeling? Do they experience joy and love?

I believe the answer is a thousand times yes! Not only do companion animals love, they love unconditionally. Animals forgive and love without condition. We can learn so much from them.

Life Lessons Learned

The unconditional love of animals has taught me a great deal about myself and about the world in which we live. I would like to share these highlights and also hear from you about your forever friends.

These photos share Bart’s perspective since he’s been our foster. He’s very expressive and surprisingly relaxed and playful considering he may have been homeless and then came to us directly from the shelter.

1. Life is much better when I let go of anger and resentments.

My pups never hold a grudge. While they may look sad when I leave for work or don’t give them the extra treat, they are all smiles a few moments later. I strive to reset my own emotions to a positive mindset. When I work on this and see the smiles and wagging tails of my role models I feel so much contentment.

2. Every single moment is precious.

I see this in all animals. They are amazing teachers of mindfulness. They do not toss and turn worrying about things they can’t control. They find joy and contentment in simple but profound things, like play, attention from their humans, love, a warm cozy nap, a treat or tennis ball. I strive to embrace moments in this mindful way daily.

3. Trust your instincts, they are there for your survival.

Sometimes we may have a funny feeling about going a certain direction on a walk or in life. I have learned to listen to my own intuition by watching my pack as they often sense a car coming close, a rabbit outside or an approaching guest long before I do.

4. With the right motivation and focus, I can learn new behaviors.

Animals may be motivated by treats, affection, play or other things. With the right motivation we can all accomplish great things.

5. Express your feelings of love and appreciation often.

Some say our companion animals spend such a short time here on earth because they live life so fully by embracing each moment with gusto! They love fully, play hard, and sleep often.

Every hello, goodbye, every surprise and treat is experienced fully and with an appreciation for the present moment.

I try to spend mindful moments every day with those I love, letting the experience of connectedness overwhelm any worries or regrets.

I felt a great sadness for such opportunities lost with earth angel Falco. Knowing I chose to worry about things I now don’t even remember over being fully present more is a regret. I do recognize that he and I still shared many special moments.

Moments shared with Falco as a fully present and mindful being are some of my most precious memories ( those along with my son and spouse are most precious).

I choose not to remain in this sadness, but wish at times for more of those precious moments. I choose to honor Falco, my pack and my family by channeling this energy into today’s beautiful moments. I try daily to be present and mindful around those I love. And I remind myself daily to share my gratitude and appreciation with those I love.

These are just a few examples of the profound impact of mindful moments and unconditional love. I hope they can be helpful in some way.

So, go hug your family and your fur babies. Try to be fully present in these moments. They are a true gift when we open our hearts and our minds to receive them.

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For more information on Bart and other adoptable animals visit Shelby County Humane Society