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All those dogs look so happy….

Stu and I have been sharing some super sweet and happy videos of some of our foster dogs. We wanted to share what it might be like for the dogs in their forever homes.

It occurred to me that the happy photos and videos might give the viewer the idea that “ well that dog is ok, look how happy he/ she is- they will be ok”

Why did this occur to me?

Because I’ve thought that myself. I’ve scrolled past a post and thought to myself- “he’s in good hands, that’s a good rescue group.”

This thinking is normal, especially when we animal lovers view post, after post, of animals in need.

It’s a natural thought to have-

but it’s not accurate.

Yes, right now someone is caring for the dog or cat as a foster. As a temporary home, until the Forever home is found.

For every rescued dog we see posted by shelters and rescues there may be 20 or more on a wait list, stuck in limbo -waiting for their chance. And some don’t make it long enough to get that chance.

Until I was “rescued” by my first true rescue dog, I had no idea what was happening in my own community and throughout the state and nation.

I met Kanoa, my rescuer pit bull about 5 years ago. He has been such an amazing companion ever since. My life changed in profound ways.

I felt the need to share this to emphasize that our sweet happy posts don’t necessarily represent the crisis rescues and shelters face every single day.

The need for fosters is So Great!

I will be posting more about fostering in case you or someone you know has questions! It is Such an amazing experience. Working with rescue animals is such a beautiful way to give back and and often feel quite loved and appreciated by your foster.

But wait- there is More! Because of my work with rescues and fostering / adopting my dogs, I have met the best and most amazing friends imaginable.

I highly recommend trying it out- if you have never fostered-an animal before, maybe the Shelby County Weekend Warrior is your best bet. Learn More About Fostering Here

You can help out a shelter dog for a weekend, give him a break from the shelter and make a new friend. Who knows- he or she may just rescue you. Another dear rescue friend Sanctuary Animal Rescue May have openings for new fosters and they always have precious dogs and cats in need of forever homes.

What can you do today to make a difference?

1. Share this article or a post about a dog or cat in need of a home

2. Educate – learn more about rescues and shelters in your community

3. Foster- a total win- win foster a dog or cat today and you are saving a life!

4. Spay and neuter your animals- prevent future generations of homeless animals

5. Donate your time, talent, or dollars to the shelter or rescue of your choice.

You Make a Difference every day. Thank you!

All photos in this post are current or former foster or shelter dogs ♥️