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Falco’s Friends & the Bulls Hockey team support rescue and adoption on the ice

Bart steals the spotlight, hearts, and a hockey stick

Collaboration with the Bulls has been fun, educational and heartwarming. The players welcomed foster dog Bart onto the ice for a hockey experience unlike any other.

Bart was allowed an opportunity to meet and interact with players on the ice and he was positively thrilled and ready to play.

Bart has shown us through walks and backyard play that his favorite object in the world is ( and always will be ) a standard tennis ball. This boy will play fetch, tug of war and more for Hours.

As expected, Bart brought his love of the game to the practice event. As if he knew the camera was rolling, Bart brought his very best game and he did not disappoint.

As a bonus, the Falco’s Friends crew and Bart met some incredibly caring and community minded players. We all were floored by the genuine welcome as well as the laughter that emerged as Bart entertained everyone.

We will be adding names of Bart’s newfound friends shortly, but simply cannot wait to post these videos to show a “Bart’s” eye view of the hockey experience of a lifetime.

We hope you enjoy these clips- and please join us in supporting our local community superstars on March 30th at Pelham Civic Center

We might even let the dogs Out!

stay tuned for more fantastic photos by Brian Batista Photography

We could not have adequately captured the sheer joy and dog-gone excitement without the help of Brian Batista and photography assistant Filishia Clements Thrower!