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The benefits adopting from a rescue or shelter

What are the benefits of adopting from a rescue or animal shelter?
Here are some great reasons to foster or adopt Today!

You’re helping your community.

Animals found in the rescues and shelters can be placed there due to many reasons & through No fault of their own. Sometimes people are uncertain of the resources available in the community or how to help homeless animals. We all hold certain beliefs about animals and their role in our lives. Sometimes we do not have ALL the facts. Puppies and kittens born to domestic animals will have very difficult lives if a human caregiver is not providing adequate food, shelter, and veterinary care. These animals are not like their undomesticated relatives. They cannot survive on their own without considerable suffering, To prevent this many communities strongly promote spay and neuter programs, to reduce overpopulation.

When you foster or adopt an animal you are helping by:

  • Providing a loving safe home to an animal in need
  • Helping your community manage overpopulation
  • Helping your friends and family by teaching them the value of companion animals
  • Helping yourself as you will receive unconditional love and companionship

You are giving a dog a second chance to live a good life.

Every shelter animal deserves a chance! Animals can be left to survive on their own due to unexpected loss of their human companion, becoming lost or separated from their owner, or due to intentional abandonment. Sometimes  as a person is aging, and resources dwindle, difficult decisions are made, and pets may be surrendered to a shelter or rescue by a caregiver or family member. Sometimes families face financial crisis, and can’t handle the financial expense of owning a dog, and thus surrender them to shelters. By giving a homeless dog another chance, you are also giving them another shot at being loved, and for yourself, a chance at being loved unconditionally.

You are helping the shelter and rescue community

Even if they want to take care of all dogs in the street, they only have resources for a limited number of stray dogs. Help them out by extending your hand to one of their dogs as a foster or adopter. When you foster ALL medical and supplies such as food and even toys will be provided at No Cost to You! And if you choose to Adopt- it’s as if you are donating ALL that to the Next animal in need.

You get a vetted and often spay or neutered animal at an affordable cost Far less than purchasing.

Getting a dog from animal shelter, on the other hand, can typically cost about $100. This fee covers for the maintenance cost of the dog, for spaying or neutering fee, and for other expenses. Often rescue and shelter animals will be sponsored by donors to encourage adoptions and give new adopters a chance to spend on supplies or save the fee for future vetting.

You can also save on training expenses because most dogs in rescue have been housebroken and trained. There are, in fact, dogs in animal shelters that have been trained for specific functions. If you need an assistance dog such as a guide dog, a service dog or a hearing dog, you can sometimes find them in animal shelters.

You are saving save lives.

Because of overpopulation, some shelters euthanize dogs – mostly senior and adult dogs that are either in poor health or have behavioral issues that make adoption difficult. Many are moving toward a no-kill model which has been proven effective in many areas. The process to transition to this model is challenging often due to resistance to change and a need for awareness about our responsibilities as citizens and humans to our animal companions and our community.  

You are bringing home a new loyal and loving forever friend.

The love of a rescued animal is like no other. They are aware of the chance they have been given and the bond created even in fostering is simply unbreakable. Experience the unconditional love of a rescued animal, and this week, give a little love back!

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For opportunities to Donate, Foster, Adopt, or learn more visit these resources

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