Focus on Fostering

What is animal fostering and how does this help with overcrowding in shelters? Rescues and shelters rely on the kindness of concerned community members to help with overcrowding in shelters and rescues generally only use fosters for all intakes. This reduces the number of animals living in crowded shelters.

Available foster homes are rare, and often community members do not fully understand what a tremendous service they can provide to their own family, the community, and to animals without homes.

What is a foster home? A foster home is a temporary home for an animal that has been placed in a shelter or has been referred to rescue.

Is it expensive to foster animal? No. And Yes. The foster family pays nothing. Food vetting, supplies, and everything the foster animal needs is provided by the shelter or rescue. The rescue or shelter relies heavily upon donations to provide all the needed services to the animals. This is costly- but the cost is not the responsibility of the fosters. The main source of funding for these essential needs comes from donations.

How do the rescues and shelters feed and care for all those animals? Donations from You sustain the lives and improves the well being of shelter animals. Your kindness makes a Direct impact right at home in your community!

You can Donate to Yoga with furbabies here.

How can I help if I cannot foster or adopt an animal?

So many ways! You can:

  • Volunteer at the shelter or rescue by walking dogs or playing with cats
  • Educate community members on the benefits of fostering
  • Like and share social media posts related to rescues and shelters
  • Learn about upcoming events like Yoga with furbabies
  • Shop for pet gear at retailers like Pawzaar that donate to rescues and shelters
  • Advocate for compassionate care for all animals and humans