How to help in your community

You can make a difference!


You can foster an animal. All vetting, food, supplies are provided by the rescue. All you have to do is welcome a rescue or shelter dog in need.

Not sure where to begin? Falco’s Friends is developing a resource page to help, but Don’t wait. A rescue animal needs your help today! Contact us with questions about fostering here.


Shelters and rescues always need help.

You can:

  • Help out at events
  • Walk and play with animals in the shelter
  • Donate supplies
  • Help with fundraising
  • Share posts you see on social media- it Really makes a difference!

Organize Fundraisers

Everything from change collection jars to bake sales and festivals helps by promoting information about the rescue or shelter and bringing communities together.


Become familiar with local laws relating to animals. If you see areas that need improvement, help out. Utilize your community connections and your voice to speak up for the animals in your community.


If you know of someone that needs assistance with shelter, food, or training for an animal, help them connect with local resources. Most humane societies have programs to help in these situations.


  • Donate your time
  • Donate your resources
  • Donate your energy

YOU. Can be the change! Every post that is shared, makes an immeasurable impact.

Most importantly, Thank you for all that you already do!

Donations to Falco’s Friends help animals and individuals who need just a little more than the current system can provide

Your donations help the programs grow. They also help support long term adoption and help foster and shelter animals find Forever homes.

You are making a huge difference in your community and we are so grateful.

Falco’s Friends team are thrilled to keep you up to date on all new developments.

Are you a rescue, shelter, person or agency that would like to be included in our resource literature and feature pages? It’s free to sign up – no catch- no sales pitch. Falco’s Friends team members want to help in promoting ALL animal welfare and related groups.

You can even Help while you SHOP!!! Check out Pawzaar for all things rescue and furbaby love!

Send us a message and we will get your profile started!

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