Yoga with Furbabies

So what exactly happens at a “Yoga with Furbabies” event? So. Much. Fun. Adorable adoptable animals from rescues and shelters are introduced to the yoga class and are present throughout the class experience. The dogs and cats interact with the students and audience throughout the experience.

Patches loves Yoga with Furbabies. Visit Patches and friends at the Beer Hog August 24th @ 10am

The animals selected are chosen because of their gentle, loving nature. They are friendly, curious, and want to participate alongside the other yoga students. During class Falco’s Friends will supervise adoptable animals and help them engage with the class. This class is ideal for all levels – fit for practicing yogi’s or beginners!

Adoptable animals that are scheduled to attend will be posted the week prior to class. Please notify a volunteer at the event or message us ahead of time if you have a special furbaby you would like to meet. During the class, volunteers will supervise puppies and kittens while they mingle ensuring you experience an ideal balance of yoga and furbaby love.

Mats are provided but feel free to bring your own and/or a blanket. Our gracious host, The Beer Hog, invites all participants and observers to stay and play with our adorable adoptable fur babies. As class winds down, the bar will be open for business and patrons are welcome to order in from other restaurants near by.

Frequently asked questions

Why yoga with animals?

“Who wouldn’t want to cuddle with dogs while they’re working out? You’re having a great time, you’re doing something good for yourself, and you’re doing something good for the dogs, too.”

– Doggy Noses and Yoga Poses, and it’s the brainchild of dog-lover Debra Furstenberg

Both yoga and time spent with animals have been shown to promote health and produce a state of relaxation that is meditative and energizing for many people. Also, Yoga with furbabies events are an excellent opportunity to introduce a friend or family member to yoga or rescue animals! Unconditional love will flow in the healing space created by the human and animal connection.

What is the price per class?

All classes are 10$ per person and donations above and beyond are welcome. Donations of 50$ or more will score you a sweet gift (stay tuned for more on this!)

Where are donations going?

At each event, Falco’s Friends designates a rescue or shelter to receive the majority of funds raised. Recipients of the donations typically use the funds to secure vetting, food, shelter, supplies and other related costs surrounding the care of rescued animals.

Falco’s Friends will also receive a portion of the donations from this event. Donations support adoption, outreach, and community education programs focused on improving conditions in communities and for companion animals. Currently the largest expense we face is the cost of food, supplies, transportation and training of foster animals and their humans before and during the adoption process.

I am not quite ready for yoga but I am very interested In attending to meet the animals and observe- is that OK?

Absolutely! This is a great opportunity to learn more about the Beer Hog, Shelby County Humane Society meet teachers, And play with some precious Adorable ADOPTABLE animals!

This is an all ages event- so bring the kiddos as well!

How can I reserve my spot?


Shelby County Humane Society August 24th at 10:00 am

Sanctuary Animal Rescue October 12th at 10:00 am

July 2022

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