Girl training dog

Our Progress

In the past 6 months, Falco’s Friends have placed 4 foster animals in loving homes. We continue to provide financial and social support to these adoptive families. Follow up and extended support ensures all parties involve will benefit and thrive..

Within our pack at home, we continue to foster two special needs dogs. While this takes time, energy and patience, seeing the dogs thriving make it all worthwhile!

We also continue to provide supplies and support to adopters, attend social and promotional events, collaborate with rescues, community groups, and agencies to promote the growth of the rescue culture of compassion for all creatures.

Team members are also researching and are developing a curriculum to provide educational seminars and demonstrations in local schools regarding animal care and behavior.

The school based educational programs will address dog behavior and human interaction. Facilitators will teach children about commonly missed signals that occur before a dog bites. Students will also be given information about local resources and information regarding proper care for all animals.