More on Falco

Who We Are

Founder: Stu McCann

Stu was Falco’s human guardian when he was here on earth. Stu, a journalist, photographer, and videographer is currently. Promoting the programs while also developing Falco’s Story in written, audio and visual mediums.
Stu founded Falco’s Friends recognizing the important and life changing impact animal companionship and unconditional love can have on people, animals and communities

What we do

Foster and adoption assistance
Falco’s Friends seeks to introduce and implement programs to meet emotional support needs of persons with mental health conditions such as PTSD, Depression and Anxiety by pairing foster or shelter animals with suitable human companions.

Who benefits?

  • Individuals and families on a limited or fixed income
  • Persons with physical or mental health challenges that can benefit from emotional support of a companion animal
  • Rescue animals find homes avoid shelter stays or euthanasia
Rescue organizations can serve more animals
This program is intended to assist in relieving some of the overwhelming demand for placement and homes in current foster and shelter programs while also benefitting individuals in the community by providing therapeutic emotional support and unconditional love.